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Bulk orders for some products are temporarily unavailable

Bulk orders

Bulk orders for such products as SCR emulators, Tachograph emulators, and CAN filters are temporarily disabled due to the high demand and shortage of semiconductors necessary for their manufacture. We hope to restore our supply chain of components needed to produce those products mentioned above as soon as possible, but at the moment, we do not accept bulk orders. However, we take a position to accept orders for single units to fulfill the needs of a wider range of customers. Therefore, if you need more than one unit of mentioned products, please contact us directly before making any purchases to assess the real stock situation and arrange the larger order processing. We apologize very much for the inconvenience, but the problem of semiconductor shortages is global, and most electronics manufacturers suffer from it. Therefore, as soon as we coordinate the smooth supply of components, we will accept bulk orders for all products.