In the past ten years, Cardiag established itself in a leading position in the European SCR emulator market. Already we have developed six generations of SCR emulator devices. We have a professional group of developers and engineers dedicated to SCR emulator product line development. We would like to extend our business to the Middle East region, and now we are looking for companies or individuals interesting in SCR Emulator product line distribution.

What we are looking for

Companies or individuals related to truck diagnostic, repair or maintenance market. We need a reliable partner that would be capable of selling SCR Emulator products all over the Middle East region. We’re not interested in companies or individuals who would like to sell our products side by side with SCR emulators made by other manufacturers.

What do we offer

  • Exclusive SCR Emulator product line distribution rights in the Middle East region.
  • Market leading products with the highest quality standards (all our emulators developed and manufactured in Europe).
  • Competitive price for a whole range of SCR Emulator product line.
  • Warranty service and technical support for all our products.
  • Tools to sell and promote products (website, advertising campaigns, product rebranding).

Interested? Let’s talk, please contact us directly, and we will discuss all the options.

Distributors list

Below you can find the list of approved Cardiag Ltd. partners-distributors. These people and businesses are authorised to sell diagnostic items and other equipment by using Cardiag brand name.

Distributor in Iran
Company: PartSanginYadak
Contact: Mr. Golam Reza Shahidi Asl
Mobile: 0098 9121183138
Phone: 0098 21 55716514
Fax: 0098 21 55716965
No. 992 . Gazvin St. Gapan
Tehran, Iran
These people and businesses are only authorised to use the “Cardiag” brand name but are not authorised to operate on behalf of Cardiag Ltd. company or Cardiag.com website. We reject any legal responsibility for the activities of these distributors because we have no control over their actions.