About Cardiag

Cardiag Inc. is an international company based in Europe with headquarters in Hong-Kong. Cardiag name is an abbreviation of words “Car” and “Diagnostics.” It represents our primary activity – selling of diagnostic tools and diagnostic equipment. Our company established in the 2006 year. Since the launch of Cardiag Inc., our company reached some high goals strengthening our positions in the worldwide diagnostic equipment market.

We are cooperating with companies such as Diagcar, Elprosys, Codecard and other leading businesses that develop and manufacture the most advanced diagnostic equipment for cars, trucks and other vehicles or engines. Our company is an official dealer of such tools as Enigma Tool, Diagprog 4, Carprog and other well known diagnostic tools in a wide range of countries and regions. Also, we are manufacturing such popular products like SCR emulators, and this product is a top selling product in all countries and regions all over the world.

In the early 2011 year, we discontinued sales of modern diagnostic tools designed for passenger vehicles as there was a massive flood of cheap cloned diagnostic tools from China which ruined the market for original equipment. From the 2011 year, we concentrated on diagnostic tools for trucks and unique hi-end tools for passenger vehicles that still do not have cloned copies made in China.

Now our product range mainly includes original diagnostic equipment. We provide quick warranty and if a client wants a post-warranty service. We ship our goods directly from Europe to all countries over the world with a fast delivery shipping service provided by DHL shipping company.

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