Diagprog 3


Diagprog 3 is well known mileage correction and mileage programming tool. It is very powerful and easy to use, mileage can be reprogrammed even through OBD2

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DiagProg 3 is not available. Now it is replaced by new DiagProg 4

Diagprog 3 is a universal mileage correction and programming tool. Diagprog 3 is a very popular and well known tool by vehicle dashboard repair specialists all over the world. Elprosys Diagprog 3 is used by a lot of vehicle maintenance professionals as a main tool to change and correct mileage state, or repair dashboards on many different vehicles. Diagprog 3 main advantage is design that allows to program mileage on most vehicles by diagnostic socket connection (OBD). There are vehicles that will require to disassemble dashboard or other parts and do some dirty soldering work to get the result (some vehicles requires such operations due to specific technical solutions made by vehicle manufacturers), but anyway most of vehicles can be programmed simply through the OBD diagnostic socket.

Diagprog 3 technical data

  • 3 input – output lines, operation speed up to 8 MHz (0..5V);
  • 10 input – output lines, operation speed up to 4 MHz (0..5V);
  • 12 input lines, operation speed up to 16 MHz (0..5V);
  • 11 output lines, operation speed up to 16 MHz (0..5V);
  • 1 output lines, operation speed up to 1 Mhz;
  • RS232 interface (voltage level 0..5 V and 0..15V);
  • CAN-BUS interface (in accordance with ISO 11898 standard) for low speed and high speed;
  • CAN-BUS interface (GMW3089v2.4 General Motors Corporation specification);
  • CCD-BUS interface;
  • BDLC interface (in accordance with SAE J1850);
  • 2 K-line interface (in accordance with ISO 9141 standard);
  • SPI interface (Master – Slave);
  • 2 analog input (0..15V);
  • +12 V, relay-driven output (5A);
  • +2..5 V, relay-driven output (1A);
  • PWM outputs, for timing generating;
  • casing that can be use in car services 4MB or 8MB flash-memory, expandable by MMC,MMC Plus or SD card;
  • 320 x 240 colour display with 256 colours;
  • touch screen controler with autocalibration;
  • two board constuction what is simple and low cost in service;
  • heavy-duty SD/MMC card connector;
  • authorisation to 4000 programs by means of the Internet;
  • service menu in six languages: Polish, English, German, French, Espaniol and Italian;
  • specialised software, which enables data transfer between the appliance and a PC computer, attached to the tester;
  • software update features through the Internet or by means of a USB 2.0;
  • MMC,MMC Plus or SD card with FAT32;
  • restore old MCU files without connecting to ElproSys server;
  • Security Update fully trough internet;

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm

1 year warranty