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Enigma Tool – 3.35

Enigma Tool

It’s the latest software update (released on 2017.03.02) for Enigma Tool device. Some of these updates are free, and some of them are premium. Also, you need to know that some of these updates require earlier versions of premium upgrades. Please contact us if you want more information about this Enigma Tool update or if you want to purchase it. If you need software update price calculation by email or phone, please do not forget to specify a serial number of your Enigma device.

Enigma Tool update 3.35

  • Mitsubishi ASX (2015-) UPD70F3529 EEPROMLESS OBD2
  • Mitsubishi Outlander (2015-) UPD70F3529 EEPROMLESS OBD2
  • Jaguar XF 24C64 OBD2
  • Hyundai Genesis (2016-) UPD70F3523 OBD2
  • Dacia Doker ABS 95320 new software
  • FIAT 500 95160 Crypto direct EEP
  • Honda Innova 93C46
  • Isuzu Sumo 93C86
  • Mahindra Scorpio 24C16
  • Dodge RAM moto hours fix
  • Renault Traffic 9S12HY256 direct fix

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