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SCR emulator for Mercedes-Benz MP4 EURO 6 price reduced

Mercedes-Benz AdBlue Emulator

SCR emulator modules are the essential products in Cardiag product range. We are proud to provide high-end SCR emulators for reasonable prices. Now we have some excellent news for Mercedes-Benz truck owners and workshops. We have reduced the price for Mercedes-Benz MP4 EURO 6 AdBlue emulator modules. Now they are available just for 249 EUR per module. If you need more than ten modules, we can make this price even better contact us.

These modules developed and manufactured in the European Union. Also, we offer next business day delivery to any EU country. All modules have a twelve-month warranty.

SCR emulator Mercedes-Benz MP4 EURO 6

You’ll get easy to install and use the SCR module that is capable of overriding EURO 6 SCR control modules. It will control DEF dosing pumps on supported EURO 6 trucks, control SCR heaters, NOx sensors, DPF filter, and its regeneration processes. Also, control fuel injection process.
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