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Scania SDP3 2.60.1 latest software version available

Scania SDP3 - Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3

Scania SDP3 software version update 2.60.1 was released and is now available on our online store. It’s the latest SDP3 software version up to this day. Latest SDP3 version is fully compatible with Scania VCI2 and Scania VCI3 diagnostic tools. Keep in mind that you need at least Microsoft Windows 7 OS version or newer to run this software (if you’re not sure about your Windows OS version, please contact us before making the purchase). Older Microsoft OS versions are not supported anymore. Also, you need to know that SDP3 2.60.1 comes with the latest USB HASP license key. The latest USB HASP key is incompatible with older SDP3 versions, and older key releases (black and yellow HASP keys) are inconsistent with the most recent software version.

From now we offer all our Scania VCI products (Scania VCI2 and VCI3, except VCI1) with 2.60.1 software version and the latest HASP key. You can buy an SDP3 kit (SDP3 software and USB HASP license key), or you can purchase just a software update if you have a compatible USB HASP key. Anyway, we recommend you to contact us before purchasing an SDP3 kit or upgrade if you’re not sure what product you need. Continue reading Scania SDP3 2.60.1 latest software version available

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MAN TGS3 (2022+) and DTCO SIM programmer new products on stock

Cardiag Inc. logo

MAN TGS3 (2022+) SCR emulator and DTCO SIM programmer for digital tachograph emulators just hit our stock and available for purchase. These two products were highly demanded by the market.

MAN TGS3 (2022+)

MAN TGS3 Emulator EURO 5 is the latest SCR emulator of its kind designed to support MAN TGS3 series with EURO 5 exhaust system manufactured from 2022. This device allows you to operate vehicle without power limiting and switching into the limp mode. Even if the SCR system has the malfunction MAN TGS3 Emulator EURO 5 SCR emulator is capable to emulate correct signals for the ECU (SCR system malfunction, DTC errors, empty DEF liquid tank). Emulator can be installed on the faulty system, but it is still recommended to clear all DTC errors after complete installation. Emulator is designed, tested and manufactured in the EU. World wide shipping with possible next day delivery to EU countries. Device has 12 month limited warranty.

DTCO SIM Programmer (Tachograph Emulator Programmer)

DTCO SIM Programmer allows you to fully program all compatible Tachograph Emulators. Now you can program compatible DTCO SIM emulators. All programmable parameters like tachograph type, mileage, K and L factors are available for programming. If you’re not sure what DTCO SIM Programmer is used for or you have doubts about the compatibility, please contact us before purchasing this product. Continue reading MAN TGS3 (2022+) and DTCO SIM programmer new products on stock

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Diagprog 4 Premium Package sale – a rare opportunity!

Diagprog 4 updates
Sale is over! No more discounted units on stock!

Diagprog 4 Premium Package is top gun in terms of dashboard programming and mileage correction. Usually this piece of art cost about nine thousand euros, but now we have 20 kits that will be available for 6999 EUR. This is one of its kind summer sales! We will start accepting orders from August 26, 2023. Keep in mind that only 20 units will be available for this price. Please contact us before making the purchase to make sure we still have available units. Wordlwide shipping, limited 12 month warranty.

DiagProg 4 in our shop

Continue reading Diagprog 4 Premium Package sale – a rare opportunity!

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Final spring sale! Discounts up to -50%! Limited stock!

EURO 6 DTC Error Code Eraser

We have a lot of things to offer with huge discounts up to -50% (sale will last till the last discounted unit on stock)! There are so many exciting offers that is hard to decide which one we need to mention first. Let’s start from the most popular products.

SCR emulators

Cardiag is famous for its in-house made SCR emulators for more than ten years. Highest quality, designed and manufactured in Europe, with limited one year warranty. Everything you need for your AdBlue equipped truck. Here are SCR emulators and their accessories that are now on sale with huge discounts Continue reading Final spring sale! Discounts up to -50%! Limited stock!

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DiagProg 4 Premium Full – limited time offer spring sale!

Diagprog 4 updates

DiagProg 4 Premium Full package is everything you may want and expect from such a tool. Now we offer DiagProg 4 Premium Full kit for an unbeatable price of 6999 EUR. This is the time/stock limited offer. This price is valid until the 18th of May 2023 or till the last DiagProg 4 unit in stock. What will you get? Full kit means full kit available on the day of purchase (latest software and hardware equipment for that particular day). If you need more information, just contact us. We are shipping it worldwide, and there’s a 12-month limited warranty.

DiagProg 4 in our shop

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Scania VCI2 with a huge discount – limited time offer!

Scania VCI 2

Scania VCI2 is the most popular Scania truck diagnostics device that covers all trucks Scania trucks and engines that are common at the moment. Now is the right time to get your Scania VCI2 and make your workshop equipment kit even wider. We offer Scania VCI2 in different kits, and the highest discounts are for Scania VCI2 (without software and version with the latest SDP3 software). These devices are made in the EU, covered by a limited 12-month warranty and an option of the next business day delivery to EU countries (worldwide shipping times depend on the country you live in).

Also, we offer additional software to expand the capabilities of Scania VCI 2. We have Scania XCOM, Scania Multi, and Scania SOPS file encryptor/decryptor on stock. You can purchase VCI 2 with a kit of any software combination. For more information, please contact us. Continue reading Scania VCI2 with a huge discount – limited time offer!

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SCR emulators and Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN spring discounts!

SCR Emulator V4 EVO for Mercedes-Benz MP4 EURO 5

SCR emulators and Tacho Emulator is now on sale with a spring discount! Great chance to get some great equipment for a very good price. So first things first, shortly we have our traditional spring sale, and this year we offer discounts for all SCR emulators and the Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN devices. Remember, this sale is valid only up to 2023 May 1st.

SCR emulators

You can buy any SCR emulator with a 10% discount by using the coupon code “spring10“. Discount applies only to emulators, not applicable to accessories like cables, connectors, or SCR emulator flashing/programming devices. Continue reading SCR emulators and Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN spring discounts!

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Enigma tool with a huge discount available now at Cardiag shop

Enigma Tool

Enigma Tool, without a doubt, is one of the most iconic and powerful tools for programming and adjusting vehicle dashboards and specific ECUs. Naturally, it is a very expensive tool requiring constant software updates, making it impossible for anyone to have it in a workshop. However, we have great news! Now Enigma Tool with a one-year software update subscription is available for only 5499 EUR! Yes, it’s so cheap, you can see the history of this tool’s price, and you will understand why we call it cheap.

Enigma product

Enigma Tool features

  • Works with newest models of cars;
  • Safe for tested/repaired electronic systems;
  • Reliable mode of operation;
  • Exceptionally simple, intuitive use;
  • Frequent software updates;
  • User can read and write the settings via the diagnostic connector (where available);
  • Professional construction;
  • Software updates available, activation of the software via Internet;
  • Works with a PC via the USB socket;
  • User can back up data;
  • User has option to receive software on demand, client-requested;
  • 12 V power supply, available in any car;
  • Small size (210×130×40);

Continue reading Enigma tool with a huge discount available now at Cardiag shop