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Enigma Tool full package spring sale

Enigma Tool

Enigma Tool full package is on sale, and that’s good news. The bad news is that we have only two units available in our stock. So here’s the deal. Enigma Tool with the full set of latest software and hardware is now available just for 5699 EUR. You’ll get a full suite of software and hardware that was available on the day of purchase. Cardiag Inc. is the official distributor of Enigma products (tool, adapters and software updates).

Just to remind you, it is the most powerful and popular device for odometer correction and programming. It has the widest range of supported vehicles and is continuously updateable. Updates are not just for software, but hardware updates too, like new adapters. Updates may be free and premium. For more information about the device and its updates, please contact us directly. You can check the update history here → Enigma Tool updates. You can expect software update release approximately one time per month. And of course, this tool is known for its updates because you can get software that is compatible with brand new vehicles released a month or so ago.

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