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Scania VCI2 with a huge discount – limited time offer!

Scania VCI 2

Scania VCI2 is the most popular Scania truck diagnostics device that covers all trucks Scania trucks and engines that are common at the moment. Now is the right time to get your Scania VCI2 and make your workshop equipment kit even wider. We offer Scania VCI2 in different kits, and the highest discounts are for Scania VCI2 (without software and version with the latest SDP3 software). These devices are made in the EU, covered by a limited 12-month warranty and an option of the next business day delivery to EU countries (worldwide shipping times depend on the country you live in).

Also, we offer additional software to expand the capabilities of Scania VCI 2. We have Scania XCOM, Scania Multi, and Scania SOPS file encryptor/decryptor on stock. You can purchase VCI 2 with a kit of any software combination. For more information, please contact us. Continue reading Scania VCI2 with a huge discount – limited time offer!