Scania SOPS file Encryptor / Decriptor

Scania SOPS Encryptor/Decryptor


Scania SOPS Encryptor/Decryptor helps to convert Scania SOPS files to editable XML files and convert them back after editing to SOPS file format.

Product Description

You can get Scania SOPS Encryptor/Decryptor (software and USB dongle) kit for 349 EUR if you buy Scania VCI2 + SOPS bundle.

We offer Scania SOPS File Encryptor/Decryptor v0.1 as optional accessory to Scania SDP3 software. Scania SOPS Encryptor/Decryptor alloes you to convert SOPS files to editable XML files and convert them back to SOPS file format after editing. Scania SOPS Encryptor/Decryptor kit contains Scania SOPS Encryptor/Decryptor software and USB HASP key with software licence. For full functionality requires Scania VCI 2 diagnostic tool and Scania SDP3 diagnostic software.

Scania SOPS File Encryptor/Decryptor features

  • Download with SDP3 from truck SOPS export file.
  • Decrypt SOPS export file to XML format.
  • Edit XML file with any XML editor.
  • Modify more than 300 parameters, like AdBlue, EGR, NOx Control, see whole list.
  • Encrypt XML file to SOPS import.
  • Upload SOPS import file to truck with SDP3.
  • Support Microsoft Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 21 x 21 x 5 cm