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Diagprog 4 FULL autumn promotion (limited time offer)

Diagprog 4 updates

Diagprog 4 FULL autumn promotion started now! We offer DP4 FULL kit just for 5999 EUR. It’s a limited time offer, and you grab DP4 for this excellent price until the 24’th of September 2018. Don’t miss this offer since the regular price for this kit is 8999 EUR. You’ll get the full and latest hardware and software kit that was available on the day of purchase (latest DP4 head unit, full kit of cables and adapters and of course complete kit of software). Diagprog is one of the most popular dashboard repair and programming tools on the market comparable only with Enigma Tool product. Support an ultimately wide range of vehicles, motorbikes. Has a lot of cables and adapters for most demanding jobs, but well known for its ability to make a lot just by using simple OBD connection. Huge support list of various electronic modules, chips and EEPROM chips. Shipped worldwide and comes in ready to run kit.

Check out the DP4 software updates here – DP4 software updates

Diagprog 4 FULL product