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Diagprog 4 update promotion for the 2018 year!

Diagprog 4 updates

Diagprog 4 update promotion for the 2018 year starts now, and it is limited time offer. Great opportunity to buy Diagprog update subscription for the 2018 year and to save a lot of money and time. So here’s the deal. You can purchase software update subscription for your DP4 device for a price of 3600 euros. If you have bought the 2017 FULL software update package, you save even more money because DP4 software subscription for the 2018 year will cost you only 3200 euros. You’ll get all software updates that will be released in the 2018 year instantly. By the way, program 68 is also included in this 2018 subscription.

Just contact us and provide the serial number of your DP4 device. Need more information? Don’t hesitate to ask your question now.

Diagprog 4 functions

  • Reading and erasing diagnostic faults (DTCs) in OBD system.
  • Engine oil inspection reset.
  • Km /miles conversion programming.
  • Language alteration for the dashboard and other modules.
  • Mileage programming.
  • Motohours (mth) programming.
  • Reading and erasing of advanced service history.
  • Reading and writing EEPROM memory via diagnostic connection (all parameters).
  • Reading and programming FLASH memory via diagnostic connection (tuning).
  • Programming of immobilisers, keys and remotes.
  • Clearing (erasing) accidents.
  • Programming electronic modules after repair or change.
  • Easy, fast and safe programming for a broad range of vehicles.

Diagprog 4 supported electronic modules

  • Engine control unit (ECU).
  • Anti-lock Braking System pump (ABS).
  • Immobilizer (anti-theft control, alarm system).
  • Body Control Unit (BSI, BCM) computer (responsible for windows/mirrors, central locking).
  • SRS airbag (responsible for airbag control).
  • Central diagnostic gate (Gateway, ZGW), responsible for diagnostics and new modules configuration.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM – module responsible for tire pressure control).

Diagprog 4 product