DAF VCI 560 (DAVIE XDc II) is a original diagnostic tool designed for DAF heavy duty vehicles like trucks, buses and DAF marine or industry grade engines.


DAF VCI 560 (DAVIE XDc II) is a latest original diagnostic device designed for maintenance of DAF trucks and other heavy vehicles. This diagnostic tool works in combination with a PC and provides ultimate diagnostic possibilities for any DAF workshop with such a compact size. VCI 560 diagnostic tool is easy to use to the automation of various processes. It is suitable for personal workshops and large DAF service centers. DAF VCI 560 is the only DAF diagnostic tool, there are no other similar tools to work with trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles made by DAF. We highly recommend this DAF diagnostic tool for workshops that provides installation of AdBlue emulators on DAF trucks (complete error erasing and other functions that are not possible with other diagnostic tools).

DAF VCI 560 features

  • DAF CAB climate system;
  • DAF safety system;
  • DAF security system;
  • DAF transmission system;
  • DAF vehicle control system;
  • DAF door control system;
  • DAF instrumentation system;
  • DAF engine system;
  • DAF tachograph;
  • DAF communication system;
  • DAF after treatment system;
  • DAF break system;

DAF VCI 560 kit contains

  • Diagnostic adapter;
  • VCI-USB Cable for connection with PC;
  • VCI Diagnostic cables ODU-OBD, ODU-USB;

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 8 cm

1 year warranty