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Enigma Tool and DiagProg 4 Christmas offer

Cardiag as always has some great Christmas offers. Today we want to announce two excellent offers for two high-tech tools.

Enigma Tool

First of all, we are glad to announce Enigma Tool Christmas offer. This offer will be attractive to existing Enigma Tool owners and for those who want to buy their first Enigma Tool. You can buy Enigma Tool full package just for 6999 EUR. You’ll get the latest kit version, the most recent hardware and software that is available on the day of purchase. This offer is valid until the end of this year or the last item in stock.

Existing Enigma Tool users now can buy an update to the latest version of software and hardware for a very reasonable price. There are two options. The first choice is for users with Enigma Tool that has Nr. 370 program. We offer a full update for these devices just for 2999 EUR. And the other option is suitable for all devices with any software and hardware version just for 3999 EUR.

For more information, please contact us directly and don’t forget to provide a serial number of your Enigma Tool so we can identify which version of update you can get.

DiagProg 4

We have some good news for DiagProg 4 owners. Now it’s a perfect time to update your DiagProg 4 kit to the latest specs and save a lot of money. We offer you to update your DP4 to the most recent FULL version (latest version available on the day of purchase) just for 3499 EUR. For more information, please contact us directly.

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