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Enigma Tool update campaign

Enigma Tool

Enigma Tool recently released its latest software update version 3.27 (released on 25th of May). And we have a great news for all who have not yet updated their devices to the latest version. We offer full update to the latest 3.27 software version for all devices (it doesn’t matter which version of software you have now on your device) just for 2999 EUR. Such offer doesn’t occur on a daily basis. To order this update please contact us directly by email or phone, don’t forget to provide serial number of your device as all updates are tied to hardware with corresponding serial number. We want to remind you that we are official dealers of Enigma Tool and that you can find information about latest software updates for this device right here → Enigma Tool software updates. Also we need to warn you that this offer is valid only till the 25th of June 2016, so this offer will last fifteen days. More information about what you’ll get with this update we will provide your right after you contact with us and we will check current software version of your device. Keep in mind that this offer doesn’t include any optional software or hardware that is not available in the standard kit. We hope you’ll like this offer, it’s a best way to refresh your equipment.

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