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Enigma Tool updates for free

Enigma Tool

We have awesome Enigma Tool campaign. If you planned to buy this awesome device in the near future now it’s time to do it. It’s a limited time offer. If you buy Enigma Tool now you’ll get all updates that will be released until the end of this year (until 2016.12.31) for FREE! Yes, for FREE! Moreover, we will give you a FREE set of safe disassembling tools designed for safe disassembling of vehicle dashboards, interior parts made from plastic, wood, carbon fiber, for safe removal of various modules like navigation or audio/video components. By the way, now it is available with discounted price tag, just for 7999 EUR per kit. It’s a most advanced tool that you can get on the market if you’re interested in odometer and dashboard repair, programming and mileage correction. Cardiag is an official distributor of Enigma equipment and updates. You can contact us directly with any question related to Enigma products and updates.

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