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Enigma Tool – 3.37

Enigma Tool

It’s the latest software update (released on 2017.05.17) for Enigma Tool device. Some of these updates are free, and some of them are premium. Also, you need to know that some of these updates require earlier versions of premium upgrades. Please contact us if you want more information about this Enigma Tool update or if you want to purchase it. If you need software update price calculation by email or phone, please do not forget to specify a serial number of your Enigma device.

Enigma Tool update 3.37

  • FORD F150 (2015-) SPC5645S + 24C32 BIG TFT DISPLAY (including engine MH, idle MH) – OBD2
  • FORD F150 (2015-) SPC5606S + 24C32 SMALL BLUE LCD (including engine MH, idle MH) – OBD2
  • FORD F150 (2011-) MB91F037 + 93C86 (including TOTAL MH, IDLE MH) – OBD2
  • BMW F-series FEM read KM – OBD2
  • FORD Transit 93C76 – OBD2
  • FORD Transit 95320 – Engine and idle hours (direct EEPROM programming)
  • Mercedes-Benz Citan (2016-)
  • Fujitsu MB96 EEPROMLESS OBD2
  • Volkswagen Polo Johnson Control – OBD2
  • Volkswagen Amarok Johnson Control – OBD2
  • Skoda Fabia Johnson Control – OBD2
  • Opel Astra K OBD2
  • Aprilia RST1000 Futura 24C02
  • Citroen Cactus dashboard 95160
  • FORD Explorer 2015- 93C86
  • FORD F-250 2015- 93C86
  • FORD Mondeo 2015- 93C86
  • Great Wall Motors Wingle 5 24C32
  • Kawasaki Z1000 93C66 TSOP
  • KTM 990 24C02
  • Lexus IS 350 2014- 93C66
  • Ligier X-TOO 93C46
  • Peugeot Geopolis 250 24C02
  • Seat Ibiza 93C86 DIRECT
  • Toyota Tundra 93A66

Enigma products

All updates tied to a particular Enigma device with unique serial number. There is no way to use same update pack on two or more devices. Also, you need to know that some of the adapters available for Enigma devices are tied to the particular device too. These adapters marked with a serial number of the corresponding Enigma device.