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Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN spring discount


Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN product line gets spring discount. Discount applied to all products from this product line, so everyone should find a suitable tachograph emulator for a better price. We can offer DTCO SIM CAN V1 emulator as low as 149 EUR for one unit and 109,95 EUR per unit if you order a kit of 20 units.

Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN (Tacho Simulator) designed to replace the real tachograph module on any supported truck, bus, or other vehicles. This dummy emulator device simulates all necessary signals required by other electronic modules in your truck or other vehicles. Tacho emulator helps solve a lot of problems. If a truck or bus is exported to any country without requirements to use tachographs on heavy and commercial vehicles, you could install this electronic module to keep your car running correctly.

These devices were developed and manufactured in the European Union. We provide all the necessary information and documentation needed for the installation and operation of these devices. Emulators shipped worldwide with a next business day delivery option to EU countries. These electronic devices have a 12-month limited warranty.

DTCO SIM CAN emulator specifications

  • V imp, 4 imp/m
  • Zero speed signal
  • Vehicle speed (via CAN line)
  • Distance traveled (K-line or CAN line)
  • Date and time (K-line or CAN line)
  • Easy to install
  • User friendly

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