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Scania EURO 5 SCR emulator adapter-cable and other December news

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Scania EURO 5 trucks are quite popular and, of course, we receive a lot of queries related to the compatible SCR emulators and their installation process. Therefore, in order to facilitate the installation process and save you time, we decided to offer an additional adapter-cable. This cable is designed to connect the SCR Emulator V5 modules to any supported Scania EURO 5 or EURO 4 truck. It definitely will save your time since the installation of SCR Emulator V5 particularly on the Scania trucks is not an easy task and requires attention to details. But now this could be done quickly without much effort. So now you have at least two options how to install the emulator, the hard way and the easy one.

Scania EURO 5 SCR emulator adapter-cable

Now let’s talk about Enigma Tool. First of all, don’t miss your chance to buy this hi-tech device for the reduced price. Discount is huge, and you don’t want to waste this opportunity. Only 6500 EUR for the latest and FULL kit (software and hardware) of Enigma Tool. Interested? More information available here – Enigma Tool sale.

Finally, we want to remind the Enigma Tool owners about the latest software updates. If you missed the information you can always check the update releases here. Need more information? Contact us directly, and we will provide all necessary information.

Enigma Tool