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Scania adapter-cable for SCR Emulator V5 price reduced!

Scania truck

Scania adapter-cable makes the installation of SCR Emulator V5 easy and straightforward. We redesigned this adapter-cable for better humidity resistance, also we have reduced the diameter of the cable harness armor so it’s now more compact and way more handy when it comes to the installation process. And now the main thing! We have reduced the price of this product hugely! The old price tag was 59 EUR per unit, and now we started to offer them for 29 EUR per unit or in kits of ten or twenty units with even lower unit price. Ten unit kit will cost you 250 EUR (25 EUR price tag per unit), and twenty unit kit costs 380 EUR, and it means that one Scania adapter-cable cost only 19 EUR! Please remember that this adapter-cable is compatible only with SCR Emulator V5 product series and Scania EURO5/EURO4 vehicles. Continue reading Scania adapter-cable for SCR Emulator V5 price reduced!

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SCR Emulator V4 EVO prices reduced for Scania R730 and Volvo FH4

SCR Emulator V4 EVO

SCR Emulator V4 EVO is a well-known series of emulators for our customers. We’re starting a new year with the reduced prices for SCR Emulator V4 EVO Scania R730 and SCR Emulator V4 EVO Volvo FH4 products. From now both these options will cost you only 399 EUR per unit.

Please keep in mind that Volvo FH4 version is not compatible with the vehicles equipped with a retarder system. We recommend you to double-check the equipment of your Volvo vehicle before making the purchase. Both emulator versions developed and manufactured in the European Union. We are shipping all our SCR emulators worldwide with the next business day delivery to any EU country. We provide a one-year limited warranty and all manuals necessary for correct installation.
Continue reading SCR Emulator V4 EVO prices reduced for Scania R730 and Volvo FH4

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AdBlue Emulator V5 again on stock and available in all kits

AdBlue Emulators

AdBlue Emulator V5 is now again on stock and we can offer it in large quantities. All large pre-orders will be shipped within two business days and there will be no shipping delay for all new orders. All kits of AdBlue Emulator V5 available (10, 20, 50 and 100 units per kit). Just to remind you, this emulator is designed for EURO 5 vehicles made by DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Volvo and FORD.

Emulator features

  • SCR Emulator V4 NOx emulates SCR system completely;
  • Emulates DEF fluid level sensor;
  • Emulates DEF fluid temperature sensor;
  • Emulates NOX sensor;
  • Emulates exhaust temperature sensor;
  • Emulates NOX sensor;
  • There will be no engine power loss;
  • No diagnostic errors at all on SCR module;
  • User friendly (easy to install and uninstall);
  • Saves your money, equipment and time;

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Scania EURO 5 SCR emulator adapter-cable and other December news

Cardiag Christmas

Scania EURO 5 trucks are quite popular and, of course, we receive a lot of queries related to the compatible SCR emulators and their installation process. Therefore, in order to facilitate the installation process and save you time, we decided to offer an additional adapter-cable. This cable is designed to connect the SCR Emulator V5 modules to any supported Scania EURO 5 or EURO 4 truck. It definitely will save your time since the installation of SCR Emulator V5 particularly on the Scania trucks is not an easy task and requires attention to details. But now this could be done quickly without much effort. So now you have at least two options how to install the emulator, the hard way and the easy one.

Scania EURO 5 SCR emulator adapter-cable

Now let’s talk about Enigma Tool. First of all, don’t miss your chance to buy this hi-tech device for the reduced price. Discount is huge, and you don’t want to waste this opportunity. Only 6500 EUR for the latest and FULL kit (software and hardware) of Enigma Tool. Interested? More information available here – Enigma Tool sale.

Finally, we want to remind the Enigma Tool owners about the latest software updates. If you missed the information you can always check the update releases here. Need more information? Contact us directly, and we will provide all necessary information. Continue reading Scania EURO 5 SCR emulator adapter-cable and other December news

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AdBlue Emulator for Scania EURO 4 and EURO 5 vehicles

Scania truck

AdBlue Emulator for Scania EURO 4 and EURO 5 type vehicles available in several options. Today we officially discontinuing the support of Scania vehicles on AdBlue Emulator V5 modules. So from today, we will pre-program only V4 emulator modules to support the Scania EURO 4 and EURO 5 trucks.

Why are we doing this? Well, the main reason is the complex and too complicated installation process. We have several cases were our customers have faced some serious trouble while installing V5 emulators on Scania EURO 4 and EURO 5 vehicles.

So if you want AdBlue Emulator for Scania EURO 4 or EURO 5 truck we highly recommend you to use the V4 module instead. V4 emulators are easier to install, offers excellent compatibility with Scania EURO 4 and EURO 5 vehicles.

Moreover, V4 modules have a more extensive vehicle support list and have a newer firmware than V5 modules. Continue reading AdBlue Emulator for Scania EURO 4 and EURO 5 vehicles

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Free EURO 6 DTC Error Code Eraser – get yours now!

DTC Error - Check Engine Light

Free EURO 6 DTC Error Code Eraser! You think it’s impossible? No, it’s possible, and we offer one free EURO 6 DTC Error Code Eraser device for orders with ten or more EURO 6 AdBlue Emulator units.

How it works. We will give you one eraser device of the particular type for free if you order ten or more EURO 6 AdBlue Emulator modules at once. It means that if you order for example ten EURO 6 AdBlue Emulator modules for Volvo we will add a free EURO 6 DTC Error Code Eraser compatible with Volvo EURO 6 vehicles.

It’s a time-limited offer so don’t miss your chance. It’s a great device, and it is convenient when you need to install the EURO 6 AdBlue Emulator. It will erase all DTC error codes from the OBD system. There is no need for any expensive equipment like the diagnostic scanner with a PC or specialised knowledge. Just plug this eraser to the OBD socket, wait for a few seconds. That’s it.

Now we can offer EURO 6 DTC Error Code Eraser modules for trucks and other heavy vehicles made by DAF, MAN, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Volvo and Scania. We also offer EURO 6 emulators for trucks and heavy vehicles of these manufacturers. Continue reading Free EURO 6 DTC Error Code Eraser – get yours now!

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SCR Emulator V5 again on stock!

AdBlue Emulators

SCR Emulator V5 product line stock restored and we are glad to say that we will ship all orders without any delay. All pre-orders already shipped. Large kits of ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred V5 emulator units also available. We want to remind you that all our emulators developed and manufactured in Europe. Also, we provide next day delivery to the European Union countries and slightly longer worldwide shipping (shipping delivery time depends on how distant your shipping address is from the major cities in your country).

SCR Emulator V5 modules are compatible with EURO 5 trucks made by DAF, MAN, Iveco, FORD, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Volvo, and Scania. Capable of overriding whole SCR system and NOx sensor. Easy to install, doesn’t require additional programming (if pre-programmed to the truck type that you need). All installation instructions and other documentation available on our website. If you need more information about this product then, please contact us directly. Continue reading SCR Emulator V5 again on stock!

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AdBlue Emulator product line warranty terms changed

Volvo FH4 EURO 6 AdBlue emulator

AdBlue Emulator product line is our bestseller, but we noticed that quite a lot of customers just ignores our recommendations. In the past few months, we received a substantial amount of burned devices for repair and several flooded units. In response to this situation and to protect our customers who follow the installation instructions we have decided to change the terms of the warranty.

The most popular AdBlue Emulator product line products like V4 and V5 shipped with stickers. These labels indicate the state of the program, precisely which program is active and for what brand of the truck emulator is prepared. Also, there is a name of the device, pinout explanation, and the most important thing is the warning related to installation process – “Attention! Connect ground cable (brown) first!”.

AdBlue Emulator V4 and V5 connection

Why it’s so important? That’s because emulators are sensitive electronic devices. They designed in that way so they can’t do any damage to your truck, but they are vulnerable. By failing to follow the installation instructions you can burn the emulator. And the most dangerous what you can do is to ignore the main rule, to connect ground wire first.

To be more accurate, we can identify which emulator burned due to the incorrect installation procedure. You must keep in mind that brown wire must be connected first even when you’re connecting it to the V4 emulator programmer (V4 emulators).

Warranty terms changed

AdBlue EmulatorSo from now, we started to ship all AdBlue Emulator V4 and V5 units with an additional red label to pay your attention to the importance of the ground wire connection. It must be connected firmly, and you must connect the ground wire first when installing the emulator and disconnect it last when you need to disconnect the emulator.

We will not accept burned emulators for warranty service. Also, we need to remind you to put emulators in the dry area on the truck when installing. Flooded devices also lose their warranty. We do not cover back shipping costs for devices sent to us and not accepted by our warranty service specialists.

All necessary AdBlue Emulator installation instructions are available on our website. For more information, please contact us.