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MAN EURO 6 AdBlue emulator

MAN truck

AdBlue Emulator for MAN EURO 6 trucks is now available. As we mentioned a few moths ago we’re developing EURO 6 emulator in all possible ways. Latest update makes EURO 6 AdBlue emulator compatible with MAN TGS Emitec trucks. At this moment we are offering four types of EURO 6 AdBlue emulators which support DAF EURO 6 trucks, Scania EURO 6 trucks, Volvo EURO 6 trucks and now it is compatible with MAN EURO 6 trucks (MAN TGS Emitec). MAN EURO 6 AdBlue emulator allows you to override SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system and all its components and related systems like NOx sensor, DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) pump, preheating and other systems. Keep in mind that it supports only MAN TGS Emitec trucks, but we are still working on compatibility with other EURO 6 trucks and truck versions.

AdBlue emulator EURO 6 compatibility

  • Scania EURO 6 trucks
  • DAF EURO 6 trucks
  • Volvo EURO 6 trucks
  • MAN EURO 6 trucks

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