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The last DiagProg 4 (FULL) on the stock with promo price!

Diagprog 4 updates

DiagProg 4 (FULL) available on our shop for a promo price. Only one unit and it’s now available just for 6499 EUR, usual price is 8999 EUR. So if you want to start your summer by purchasing one of the most sophisticated dashboards and odometer programmers, it’s your chance. As we said, we have only one unit, and there will be no more available until the next promotion.

What do you get for 6499 EUR? Well, you’ll get the same kit that is usually sold for 8999 EUR. It’s a FULL version of DP4, and it will be equipped with the latest software and hardware that was available on the day of purchase (latest DP4 head unit, full kit of cables and adapters and of course complete kit of software). Compatible with all most popular vehicles and has an ultra wide support range of electronic modules, dashboards, EEPROM chips and more. Constantly updateable, ready to connect to the feature vehicles as soon as they hit the market. It’s a must-have tool for any vehicle maintenance professional.

You can always check the DP4 software updates here – DP4 software updates

Diagprog 4 FULL product