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Scania SDP3 2.44.1 version available in kits and as a stand-alone product

Scania SDP3 - Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3

Scania SDP3 software version 2.44.1 is now available in all VCI2 and VCI3 kits and as a stand-alone product. 2.44.1 is the latest version of SDP3 software. This version is compatible only with Scania VCI2 and Scania VCI3 diagnostic adapters (not suitable for the Scania VCI1 tool as it requires Scania SD2/SP2 software). Scania SDP3 comes with a USB HASP license key and supports three license levels (High, Industry & Marine and Internal). The latest SDP3 is available as a stand-alone product (new license and as an update service). Make sure your USB HASP key is suitable for the newest license type before making any update purchases, you can do it by contacting us.

Scania SDP3 license levels

Scania SDP3 Access Level Tool

  1. High Level used for Scania R, P, G, T, K, N series (buses, trucks and other vehicles) over the 2004 year.
  2. Industry & Marine Level used for diagnosis of industrial and marine grade engines made by Scania.
  3. Internal Level for developers used for Scania R, P, G, T, K, N series (buses, trucks and other vehicles) over the 2004 year.

SDP3 related products

Moreover, we can offer additional accessories and software for your Scania workshop:

  • Scania 1862924 cable-adapter that is necessary if you want to connect your Scania VCI2 or VCI3 to Scania marine or industry-grade engine.
  • Wide range of AdBlue emulators designed to support Scania EURO 5 and EURO 6 trucks. Also, we can offer AdBlue emulator adapters for direct and seamless installation.
  • Extra Scania diagnostic software like Scania SOPS, Scania XCOM, and Scania Multi.

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