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MAN TGS3 (2022+) and DTCO SIM programmer new products on stock

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MAN TGS3 (2022+) SCR emulator and DTCO SIM programmer for digital tachograph emulators just hit our stock and available for purchase. These two products were highly demanded by the market.

MAN TGS3 (2022+)

MAN TGS3 Emulator EURO 5 is the latest SCR emulator of its kind designed to support MAN TGS3 series with EURO 5 exhaust system manufactured from 2022. This device allows you to operate vehicle without power limiting and switching into the limp mode. Even if the SCR system has the malfunction MAN TGS3 Emulator EURO 5 SCR emulator is capable to emulate correct signals for the ECU (SCR system malfunction, DTC errors, empty DEF liquid tank). Emulator can be installed on the faulty system, but it is still recommended to clear all DTC errors after complete installation. Emulator is designed, tested and manufactured in the EU. World wide shipping with possible next day delivery to EU countries. Device has 12 month limited warranty.

DTCO SIM Programmer (Tachograph Emulator Programmer)

DTCO SIM Programmer allows you to fully program all compatible Tachograph Emulators. Now you can program compatible DTCO SIM emulators. All programmable parameters like tachograph type, mileage, K and L factors are available for programming. If you’re not sure what DTCO SIM Programmer is used for or you have doubts about the compatibility, please contact us before purchasing this product. Continue reading MAN TGS3 (2022+) and DTCO SIM programmer new products on stock