SCR and NOx Sensor Emulator

SCR Emulator V3 NOx

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Production of SCR Emulator V3 NOx discontinued. It is replaced now by SCR Emulator V4 NOx (also available for the same price and also available with Volvo plug).
SCR Emulator V3 NOx allows you to turn off SCR system and NOX sensor on your truck. It emulates working SCR system and NOX sensor even on trucks with damaged SCR system. You can safe a lot of money usually spent on DEF liquid necessary for SCR system to work properly.

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Product Description

SCR Emulator V3 NOx is designed to work with working and damaged SCR systems on the trucks, SCR Emulator V3 NOx supports Volvo and Renault trucks (there are other SCR Emulator versions in our shop that supports other trucks like Scania, MAN, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, DAF and FORD). Simple SCR emulator requires working SCR system on the truck to learn parameters from SCR ECU. SCR Emulator V3 NOx is able to work even with damaged SCR systems. This device also emulates work of NOX sensor and temperature sensor (no more problems on heavy engine load) so there will be no problems at all with engine power and no errors will appear on your truck diagnostic system.

SCR Emulator V3 NOx support list

  • Volvo trucks;
  • Renault trucks (Magnum / DXi);

SCR Emulator V3 NOx features

  • SCR Emulator V3 NOx emulates SCR system (DEF fluid level, temperature, etc.);
  • SCR Emulator V3 NOx emulates NOX sensor;
  • SCR Emulator V3 NOx emulates temperature sensor;(s)
  • There will be no engine power loss;
  • No diagnostic errors at all;
  • User friendly (easy to install and uninstall);
  • Saves your money and time;

Attention! SCR Emulator device usage is illegal in some countries, especially in countries of the European Union. You can buy and hold this device without any problems, but using it will cause higher exhaust gas emissions and your truck will not meet EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 ecological standards anymore (while SCR Emulator is connected and working properly) which are required in European Union. Our product is oriented to countries where there are no laws requiring EURO 4/5/6 ecological standards compliance. SCR Emulator allows you to reduce ecological standard of your truck by stopping DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) supply system in the SCR catalyst, this is enough to save a lot of money on DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) refills if you can use your truck without compliance with EURO 4/5/6 standards in your country. By buying this device you take full responsibility for the use of the device and the associated consequences. It’s your personal decision to use SCR Emulator or not. We will not take any responsibility for any consequences associated with usage of SCR Emulator device.

Keep in mind that SCR Emulators are not water resistant. You need to install them in dry area protected from humidity, DEF liquid or diesel fuel on your truck. Flooded devices are not covered by warranty.

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 x 5 x 4 cm

1 year