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SCR emulators and Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN spring discounts!

SCR Emulator V4 EVO for Mercedes-Benz MP4 EURO 5

SCR emulators and Tacho Emulator is now on sale with a spring discount! Great chance to get some great equipment for a very good price. So first things first, shortly we have our traditional spring sale, and this year we offer discounts for all SCR emulators and the Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN devices. Remember, this sale is valid only up to 2023 May 1st.

SCR emulators

You can buy any SCR emulator with a 10% discount by using the coupon code “spring10“. Discount applies only to emulators, not applicable to accessories like cables, connectors, or SCR emulator flashing/programming devices. Continue reading SCR emulators and Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN spring discounts!

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Tachograph engineering cards now available on our store

Universal Tachograph Programmer

Tachograph engineering cards are essential components if your workshop wants to do service for digital tachographs and program them. However, it’s not enough to have a tachograph programmer device. It will not provide full access to engineering options and full control over the parameters you would like to access and change. That’s when the tachograph engineering card steps in and helps you to access everything and program tacho devices as you need.

From now Cardiag provides these cards for all tachograph service workshops. Tachograph programming cards are available for the price of 999 EUR per unit. For more information, please get in touch with us directly. We do not provide any training related to the use of this product, so it’s purely dedicated to professional users. Before programming any devices, it is important to make sure that you really know what you are doing and how the programming is made properly. Continue reading Tachograph engineering cards now available on our store

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Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN price reduced

Tachograph Simulator

Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN devices are now available at a reduced price. The discount applied to all variants of this product, including sets of ten, twenty, and fifty units. Thus, one unit now costs 199 EUR if you buy one or up to ten units, or 149 EUR per unit if you buy a set of 50 units or more.

Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN (Tachograph Simulator) designed to replace the real tachograph on any supported truck, bus, or other vehicles. This dummy tachograph simulates all necessary signals that are required by other electronic modules in your car. Tacho emulator handy device, if a truck or bus exported to any country without requirements to use tachographs on heavy and commercial vehicles, you could install this electronic module to keep your car running correctly.

These devices developed and manufactured in the European Union. We provide all the necessary information and documentation needed for the installation and operation of these devices. Emulators shipped worldwide with a next business day delivery option to EU countries. These electronic devices have a 12-month limited warranty.

Tachograph Emulator DTCO SIM CAN specifications

  • V imp, 4 imp/m
  • Zero speed signal
  • Vehicle speed (via CAN line)
  • Distance traveled (K-line or CAN line)
  • Date and time (K-line or CAN line)
  • Easy to install
  • User friendly

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Universal Tachograph Programmer on stock

Universal Tachograph Programmer

Universal Tachograph Programmer is now available on Cardiag online store. This tool designed only for professional use. Tachograph Programmer capable of diagnosing, programming and calibrating various tachograph devices made by several manufacturers like VDO, Kienzle and other. Since it shipped in a ready-to-run kit, you can start your work instantly. All cables and adapters included in the package. No need for an additional power source, it gets the power from the tachograph device. Universal Tachograph Programmer is a compact and user-friendly device. An intuitive menu allows easy control of all functions. Automation makes the usage of this device even more comfortable, it also recognises tachograph model and necessary communication protocol. One tool is suitable for almost all most popular tachograph devices.

Universal Tachograph Programmer features

  • W parameter determination on measuring track (with optional photo-cell) or rolling road.
  • K parameter measure for KTCO 1314, KTCO 1318 and FTCO1319.
  • Tachograph parameter programming.
  • Activation and deactivation of IMS (Independent Motion Signal).
  • Activation and deactivation of VDO tachograph counter.
  • Odometer reset and adjustment (accurate mileage correction).
  • Speed simulation and customizable automatic test diagram.
  • DTCS reading (Digital) and erasing.
  • Sensor pairing function – activation.
  • Tachograph internal clock test.
  • Workshop card PIN recording and input.

Tachograph Programmer kit

  • Universal Tachograph Programmer
  • RS232 cable-adapter
  • CA-DIGITAL-0 cable
  • CA-CROCO-0 cable
  • CA-EGK100-0 cable
  • CA-KTCO-0 cable
  • CA-MTCO-1 cable
  • CA-1319-0 cable
  • FC-VR2400-1 cable

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